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The first day

Once again, it falls on me to continue the chronicles of our departure from the cold! While at school, I found that Imogene and I had no classes together, although we were allowed to stay with each other on the first day. I felt very sorry for her, but I soon forgot my worries. I have made so many new friends already! And so far, no gum-chewers. Yet.

Now as I sit here, the sun is shining through the window brightly, with a light like a buttercup flower, which we would never have had this time of day farther north. The sky would be white and pale, all would be in black and white. Imogene seems to miss the monochromatical landscape. But she has always liked subtle colors, dark blues and blacks and grays. Most of her clothes are colored this way. At first I thought it was to blend into the dark landscape, but now I see it was simply because she is a quiet person. Dark brown hair, pleasant face--her hair! It is straight as a pin. Mine is wiry and golden-orange. I wish I had her hair.



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