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Stories--And a Cheerful Hello

Oh--what a day!

Tiring, yes, but interesting.

Today was our first day in the new house. It is much bigger than the last. Cramped, cold, drearily painted. This house is so beautiful! It looks over a field across the way, and we have a huge yard, plenty of trees and flowers. How glad I am to have left! No cold, no cars rushing by the street at night, no streetlamp shining into my eyes and waking me up--and best of all, no Trudy Gopnik. What a relief! A gum-chewing horror's wide-eyed stare will no longer follow me all my days. No more nasal singing. No more innocent pigtail-twirling. (Which really meant to hide an evil smirk as she sticks a piece of gum on your seat. But I saw through that.)

Imogene seemed sad to leave our home. I know she had friends there, but really, how could she love the place? She seemed besotted with the snowy, freezing winters. I guess it was her instinct--she was born there, after all.

Right now, as I type this, she is sitting in her room, staring up at the ceiling. Maybe dreaming about our old home. Her room is right across from mine--which now reminds me, we no longer have to share a room, like in our old home. But I will miss that, somewhat. At least our rooms are close together.

The day after tomorrow, we'll begin school. I wonder what will happen! I will most likely help Imogene to make friends, since she seems to have no interest in it.



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